Native F.A.T.E. is a program, created by Native Explorers Foundation and F.A.T.E. (Fighting addiction through education), that aims to combat substance abuse and addiction in Indian Country.

Native fate provides educational presentations that focuses on the science of addiction and the effects substance abuse and addiction have on our people.  Speakers include Dr. Kent Smith, associate dean for the office for the advancement of American Indians in medicine and science, Reggie Whitten, co-founder of the Native Explorers Foundation and F.A.T.E., And Jeff Hargrave, executive director for the Native Explorers Foundation and F.A.T.E.  To request a speaker, please email [email protected].  

We must educate our native youth, parents, tribal leaders and elders on the dangers of drugs and alcohol.  


1. Addiction & substance abuse is a disease.

A disease that can be avoided & treated.



2. Addiction is a disease that often begins in adolescence.

This disease can alter the chemistry of the brain, making individuals more susceptible to progressively worse.



3.  Virtually all Native Americans have a connection to addiction.

Either individually or through a family member or friend.



4. Currently, addiction has an unjustified and unfair stigma associated with substance abuse. 

Far too many people think addicts are "just bad people doing bad things"! Nothing can be further from the truth. 



5. Addiction and substance abuse needs to be properly taught to our native youth.

Many native youth would never experiment with substances if they knew the truth!



6. For those who are already afflicted with this disease, there is hope.

Addiction is a treatable disease.