Substance abuse prevention isn’t as simple as “just say no.”

For those battling addiction in Indian country, the circumstances surrounding their addiction are far more complex than a single poor choice of saying “yes.” Addiction is not the result of bad people doing bad things. It is a disease, and like any other disease, there are a host of factors that influence its origins in a person’s life, how susceptible they are to the disease, how it presents itself, and how it is best treated.

Alcohol and drugs threaten the future of Indian Country.

American Indians struggle specifically with drugs like alcohol, marijuana, meth, and inhalant drugs. Compared to other ethnic groups, american indians have the highest rate of alcohol use and the lowest rate of graduation.

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There is hope in knowledge

When it comes to dealing with a diagnosed addiction or drug abuse prevention, education is key. Knowing about the disease alters the stigmas that surround it and makes it easier for the individual to seek help. Education also empowers society as a whole to support initiatives that fight addiction.

NATIVE F.A.T.E. offers engaging speaker events and prevention programs targeted toward specific audiences:

  • Tribal educational groups of all ages
  • Tribal summer camps
  • College Native associations
  • Tribal courts
  • Other

These events are designed to motivate individuals to take action in the fight against drug and alcohol abuse in Indian country, both as individuals and as members of the community. NATIVE FATE also provides resources, videos and other materials to support drug abuse prevention. All of the programs and materials provided by NATIVE FATE are completely free to the host Tribe or organization and to the attendees.

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Brandon's Story

When Brandon decided he wanted to be a lawyer like Reggie, it only seemed natural. They would work together. Brandon would learn from his dad. Reggie would dote over his protègè. They had everything planned out.

"I figured he'd live down the street from me and have grandkids and all those things, you know?" Reggie said. "None of it came true."

The call from the hospital came after midnight.

Brandon and his girlfriend had been driving on Interstate 40 when his car went off the road, flipping and landing upside down in a creek. They were suspended from their seatbelts, and both nearly drowned in the murky water.

Brandon was in bad shape.

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